Walking the coast of Ireland for the Irish Heart & Lung Transplant Association

A Champion for the Irish Heart & Lung Transplant Association!

A Heart Transplant recipient of seventeen years, Ron Cummins, spent Monday night in Youghal on his attempt to walk Ireland’s coastline. This endeavour is to raise donor awareness and funds for the Irish Heart & Lung Transplant Association.

Ron has already completed over 1,700km of this epic 2,500km journey that commenced on the 20th June from the Circle of Life Garden in Salthill in Galway. General Manager of the Quality Hotel in Youghal, Allen McEnery, noted. “We were delighted to welcome Ron to the hotel for an oveIrish Heart & Lung Transplant Association.rnight rest and breakfast on his voyage. What an incredible journey Ron is undertaking, and for such a worthy cause. We all hope that it will be hugely successful initiative.”

Ron is now well over half way to completing this heroic undertaking with a walk of 800km remaining. During his stay-over in Youghal, Ron remarked that. “The walk should take me 93 days so that I finish back in the Circle of Life Garden in Salthill Galway on the 20th of September marking the 18th year of my transplant.” Wishing Ron every success.

People can donate via: http://www.mycharity.ie/event/ron_cumminss_walk_around_ireland.



















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