Tabor Lodge announces major development for addiction treatment in Cork

Addiction Treatment in Cork

One of Ireland’s foremost addiction treatment centres, Tabor Lodge in Cork, is about to enter an exciting new phase in its development with the announcement of the provision of 21 new residential in its Fellowship House facility.

At a civic reception yesterday evening at City Hall attended by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. John Buttimer,    Pat Coughlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, unveiled the Tabor Lodge 2012 Annual Report and development plans for the future. He remarked, “I am absolutely delighted to report that in 2012, the Minister for Housing and Planning announced the green light for the provision of 21 new Units as part of the redevelopment of our Fellowship House facility at Spur Hill, Togher.  This is the second largest construction project in the €100 million scheme to provide 800 new social and voluntary housing.”

Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services offers hope, healing and recovery to addicted people and their families through an integrated and caring service. “At Tabor Lodge, we recognise that addiction is a chronic, progressive primary disease that cannot be cured, but those who suffer can be helped by abstinence and lifestyle changes,” noted Tabor Lodge’s Clinical Director, Mick Devine. “We believe that people who suffer from addiction are entitled to dignity and respect and that each person has the resources for recovery. The majority of clients are referred because of alcohol abuse and drugs use. However, other referrals include eating disorders, gambling and spending.”

Tabor Lodge addiction treatment

Finbarr Cassidy, Fellowship House, Eileen Crosbie, Renewal, Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. John Buttimer, Pat Coughlan, Chairman, Tabor Lodge, and Aileen ÕNeill, General Manager, Tabor Lodge, pictured at the launch of the Tabor Lodge 2012 Annual Report at City Hall in Cork yesterday

Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services comprises of 3 separate entities. There is Tabor Lodge, the Renewal Woman’s Residence and the Fellowship House Men’s Residence. Tabor Lodge, itself, is a residential unit, located near Kinsale, where clients spend 28 days in treatment.  Tabor’s Renewal Woman’s Residence enters its 14th year, and still remains the only residential extended treatment centre in Ireland for women in early recovery from addiction. Following the 12 week programme, clients from Renewal have the opportunity to move to Sober House for a further period of up to 3 months. A similar 12 week Residential Secondary Treatment Programme for men in recovery is offered at Fellowship House in Togher.

Onward referral is to a Continuing Care Programme, headed by Mary Carroll, which may include a residential secondary treatment programme. Kathleen Greaney is the coordinator for the Family Programme, which helps loved ones deal with the stress of dealing with an addicted family member.

In these difficult financial times, there is a pressure on resources. Aileen O’Neill, General Manager noted, “A dramatic change that we faced this year was the non-approval by the Department of Social Protection of a payment for individual clients in extended treatment. We continue to lobby with local politicians and the HSE to have this funding reinstated – so that the most vulnerable in our society can access services they need.”

The report was welcomed by all in attendance at the launch as a major step forward for the future of addiction treatment in Cork. “We have a fantastic team working with us at Tabor Lodge,” commented Pat Coughlan. “The dedication of our staff is amazing and the success rate of the services they provide reflects their commitment to improving the lives of many, many people.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team most sincerely for all the wonderful work they do – always undertaken with kindness and a sincere understanding  of client’s needs”.

And do the various treatment regimes work? It is the responsibility of Mick Devine to establish the evidence base for the success of their treatment approach. “I have supervised a research proposal which will gather valuable data in partnership with the Department of Public Health in UCC. All indications to-date confirm the value of our various programmes.”

But it is the clients, themselves, who speak most powerfully for the success of the Tabor Lodge regime, “My life was miserable. I was miserable and tormented. Though the treatment and mixing and living in the House, I’ve got a new outlook, self-respect and esteem. I care deeply for my family, they can trust me. Life is worth living and I have hopes and dreams.” Ag 38.

Quality Hotel Youghal in Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice® awards 2013

The beach by Quality Hotel in Youghal

Ireland’s Top 10 Hotels for Families

Quality Hotel & Leisure Centre, Youghal, have been nominated number 4 in Ireland’s Top 10 Hotels for Families in Trip Advisor recent Travellers’ Choice Awards 2013.

The Hotel is legendary for its family friendly ethos with on-going activities and fun that keep the kids entertained for hours on end – allowing parents to really enjoy their stay in this beautiful location on Redbarn Beach.

General Manager of the Quality Hotel in Youghal, Allen McEnery, was thrilled with the news. “Our staff are really dedicated to ensuring that guests have a great time on their visit to Quality Hotel, Youghal,” noted Allen. “This comes to the fore on Trip Advisor where you will find comments such as, ‘staff could not have been nicer’, ‘Very friendly staff in the hotel’and‘The Staff were very competent and friendly’. This proves the point and adds to the distinction of the hotel.”

Going forward, plans are already in place to ensure that guests this summer will have a wonderful time with many special deals available online. In addition to the hotel, there are apartment suites and holiday homes on offer – so there is a choice for everyone. The complex has many features and all guests have complimentary use of the swimming pool. A highlight for family entertainment is the Kids Camp and activities include swimming games, arts and crafts, tag rugby, soccer, hockey, mini Olympics and a movie cinema with screenings every day – and naturally lots of great beach activities right outside the door!

Other comments on Trip Advisor sum up this great holiday destination, “Location wonderful, apartments heaven and kids didn’t want to leave!” “Relaxation at its very best, I loved and savoured every moment!” “Quality Hotel = Quality Family Time”.

To find out more about Quality Hotel in Youghal, visit

The beach by Quality Hotel in  Youghal
Redbarn Beach – out side the door of Quality Hotel in Youghal


Spike Island makes a new Australian connection

A simple post on Spike Island  in 2011 has uncovered the  interesting story about one John Tweedy.

In January, I was contacted by Narelle Bartlett who lives in Australia and had come across my post on Spike Island. Narelle told me that her  2 x great grandfather, William John Tweedy, was imprisoned on Spike Island before being transported to Australia on the Havering in 1847. She said, “I enjoy reading anything I can to give me a little insight to his life. Thanks for these great pictures….looks like it was very cold and damp”.

I checked online and we communicated further. John was only 17 when he was transported, so it was in 1849, not 1847, that he left.  I asked Narelle if she could send me the full story and she agreed, noting that, “It has been quite difficult to get information from the Irish records as so much has been destroyed.  I have never been able to find Williams parents or any siblings.” However, she did discover quite a lot through the prison records that she was able to acquire.

William died a rich but lonely man. He was one of the first to discover gold in Australia (1851, before Edmund Hargraves was accredited with the discovery) he deserted his wife and six children, and was (assumed) persuaded by a priest to leave all his valuable property to the Catholic Church and an Orphanage, while his family struggle to get by.
He died 1908 in Sydney at the age of 78 years.

Narelle sent me the full story:

William John Tweedy 1830 to 1908.

William Tweedy broke a shop window and stole 3 silver teaspoons with the intention of getting caught and being transported when he was fifteen years old. The incident took place in Newry. Prison records note that  he committed the crime with another boy, named Henry Conaghy, and also that  William ‘was a lazy youth’. Both boys were tried at the Dundulk Assizes and sentenced to seven years imprisonment on 5th October 1847.  Unfortunately for William, his transportation didn’t happen straight away, and William was to spend the next  two years in Irish prisons, both Mountjoy and Spike Island.

William was a ‘convict exile,’ the difference being that  when a sentence  was pronounced, the Judge did not necessarily state that the prisoner was to be transported, which was often the case with young offenders.  William was sentenced to seven years in gaol, it was not stated that he was to be transported. William would have been given the choice to be transported to Australia at a later date, and this did not happen until two years later.

On 4th August 1849 William embarked from Dublin on the ‘Havering’ with 336 other prisoners , after 95 days at sea and the loss of only two lives the ship arrived in Australia.

A ‘ticket of leave’ was granted to prisoner No.49/951, William Tweedy, on 30th November 1849. This was within the first month of William arriving in Australia, so he  was able to live a relatively free life. The terms of this ‘ticket’ only allowed William to remain within the Bathurst district of NSW.  When he received his ‘ticket of freedom’ he would be free to live where he pleased or return to Ireland should he wish. However, due to expense, and indeed their own wishes,  convict transportation was generally  a ‘one way ticket’.

Another convict named George D’Arcy, who was transported from Dublin in 1823, also lived in the Bathurst district and had a daughter named Mary.   William married Mary in 1853 at the Presbytrian Church in Guyong. Mary was just 17 years old and William was 23. William and Mary had nine children of which six survived.

The mining homestead in NSW, believed to have belonged to William Tweedy
The homestead in NSW believed to have belonged to William Tweedy
William's wife Mary
Mary Tweedy

Elizabeth Tweedy was the first child born to William and Mary in February of 1854 and her birth records states that William was a ‘farmer’ at Lewis Ponds’. On the birth record of his third daughter Martha in 1859 he is recorded as being a gold miner. Although many more children were born to William and Mary, no others were recorded. The law did not require births to be registered until 1856. Often many years passed in the out-lying area of NSW before a Priest, Minister or Government officer passed through for births, deaths and marriages to be recorded. It was not going to be  a happy or long marriage.

In the year 1851 Edmund Hargraves was accredited with discovering Gold in the Lewis Ponds area of NSW and was awarded the ‘finders fee’ of 1000 pounds by the Australian Government, however this was later disputed and the story is now part of our Australian history.

William Tweedy's mine in Australia
William Tweedy’s mine in Australia

In the book ‘First Gold’ written by Andrew Bartlett, our William John Tweedy is recorded to have been mining for gold and digging water holes in the year 1851. This was reported in the local newspaper of the time, notably  before Hargraves made his claim of being the first to discover Gold.  


Not much is known of Williams life over the next 20 or so years, his wife Mary remarried in 1884 claiming she was a widow. However, it seems William had deserted his family and had moved on to Sydney where according to his obituary he had been working on the Governments roads before buying quite a substantial property and establishing an orchard.

Gold panning river in the Outback
The river by the old Homestead in Australia

William was admitted to Hornsby district hospital in February 1908 and on his death certificate the Matron recorded Williams domestic situation as ‘unknown’. A Catholic Priest hand wrote a Will for William to sign, leaving his wealth and property to both the Church and the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ home for children. With in a few weeks his Will was probated and transferred into the name of the priest. The Catholic Church later had a caveat served on the property. It was stated in his obituary that William had ‘no known domestic heirs’…..

Although Williams obituary claimed he was well respected among the community where he lived, this is doubtful. It would seem no one in the community could throw any light on Williams life. He  lived the the life of a hermit from about 1886, residing in Hornsby, a northern suburb of Sydney. He died a lonely man in 1908 at the age of 78. He is buried at the Chatswood Cemetery Sydney.
It is  possible William was an orphan of the famine but Narelle doubts that she will ever find this out. She made an interesting point, “I don’t know if you or anyone from Ireland is interested in ‘what happened to’ stories and I have often thought how great it would be to follow through a number of convicts lives and write a book”. Unfortunately, being a pensioner now, Narelle feels that she cannot accomplish such a task herself – I think she could!

Margot Mulcahy


Annual Charity Golf Classic in aid of the Hope Foundation

Support the Hope Foundation – and enjoy a great round of golf too!

International Rugby Coach Les Kiss took some time out of training the Irish Rugby team recently and helped The Hope Foundation launch their Annual Charity Golf Classic, which takes place on Friday May 10th in Douglas Golf Club.

Hope Foundation Golf Classic Kicking off at 8.30 am on May 10th teams of three are invited to sign up for the popular event as soon as possible.  The cost is €300 per team and this includes a meal in the clubhouse where the prize-giving will take place.  Over 50 teams are expected to compete, with some great golfing prizes up for grabs for both ladies and gents, as well as special prizes for Nearest to the Pin and Longest Drive. All funds raised from the Golf Classic will go to The Hope Foundation’s work with the street and slum children in Calcutta.


To register your team call Madeleine on (021) 4292990 or email  For further information on The Hope Foundation visit


L.É. Ciara memorial voyage to Titanic’s last anchorage


Next Sunday, 14th April,  L.É. Ciara will  make a memorial voyage to Titanic’s last anchorage.

A  wreath laying ceremony at will take place at  Roches Point, Titanic’s last anchorage, on the  anniversary of her visit to Cork Harbour 101 years ago.

Several VIP’s will be taking part  in this memorial event, headed up by Tourism Ireland’s Chief Executive, Niall Gibbons.  The attendance of Niall Gibbons at this event attests to the significance of Cork Harbour and our maritime heritage for the tourism industry in Ireland.

Under the escort of the Irish Navy and the command of Captain Lieutenant Commander Tony Geraghty, L.É. Ciara   will sail to the Titanic’s last anchorage, near Roches Point in Cork Harbour, on the morning of the anniversary of her last port of call, 101 years ago.  Included in the group will be; Rory Golden, the first Irish diver to see Titanic in the year 2000 at a depth of 3875 metres; Seascapes Producer, Marcus Connaughton; The Mayor of Cobh, Sinead Sheppard; Captain Michael McCarthy of the Port of Cork; The President and Secretary of the Irish Titanic Society, Ed Coughlan and Chantal Murray.

Is something going on in Cobh ?

Lots of Events ARE  taking place in Cobh!

Are you looking for something to do this weekend or next weekend? Then come to Cobh because there is lots going on.

We have been busy with this, pulling the programme of events together, setting up the site, the social media, blogging, etc.    Here are some interesting  links:

  • The Titanic Experience will be unveiling some new artifacts – The Odell Collection that actually traveled on the ship
  • Rory Golden, who has been down to the ship twice at a depth of nearly 4000 metres will be giving a talk
  • The RNLI will be putting  on a display with two lifeboats and the aire/sea rescue helicopter (barring other emergencies)
  • There will be lots of musical entertainment at Kelly’s Bar and the Commodore Hotel   on several evenings.
  • The Quays are having  special food event  ‘A Taste of Cobh’   and the Commodore will have special Titanic menus 
  • On Titanic’s Anniversary, the 14th April, in addition to the Annual Commemoration Parade    L.E. Ciara will take a memorial voyage to the last anchorage of the ship with many dignitaries on board, including the CEO of Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons, the Mayor of Cobh, Sinead Sheppard and Seascapes producer, Marcus Connaughton.
  • The Cobh Animation team will be out and about for two weekends. These ladies dress up in period costumes that really bring the past to life
Check out to see the full line up of events.
The Cobh Animation ladies
Waiting for the train – the Cobh animation ladies



So if you are looking for something to do, you know where to come – come to Cobh!


Some great events planned for Project Titanic Cobh

Project Titanic Cobh programme of events

RMS Titanic may have visited the Port of Cork 101 years ago, but she returns annually to the minds and lives of people living in this beautiful heritage town.

This week, Project Titanic Cobh launches their first Programme of Events in what is to become an annual week long commemoration of Titanic’s visit to Queenstown. This year’s series of events will take place during the first two weeks in April. It will also acknowledge the thousands of other passengers who embarked from these shores in waves of migration during the 19th and 20th Century.

Building for the future -The vision of Project Titanic Cobh is to highlight Cobh and the Harbour as an exceptional tourism destination, with similar events taking place throughout the year.

To date, over 50 events have been listed in the programme with more to come. The Annual Titanic Commemoration features on the 14th April, with a procession from the Old Town Hall to the Promenade. Here, to the tune of the ‘Last Post & Reveille’, flowers will be scattered into the sea to commemorate those lost on the Titanic. A wreath laying ceremony at the Titanic Anchorage by Roches Point is also planned for the day, under an escort by the Irish Navy. Additionally, The Titanic Experience will be unveiling a new exhibit dedicated to the Odell family who disembarked in Queenstown 101 years ago. This will be unveiled on the 11th April, on the day and time that that Titanic departed from Cobh.

Other community groups and individuals will be putting on events of historic interest. Dr Michael Martin, creator of the Titanic Trail, will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Titanic – Selection and Survival’ which explores some fascinating points about the disaster. Furthermore, O.N.E. (The Organisation of National Ex-servicemen and women) will be presenting the extraordinary story of the Cobh born WW1 aviator and inventor, Neville Florian Usbourne.

Food and beverage events and musical entertainment are all on the list. The Commodore hotel will be running Titanic themed restaurant menus and afternoon teas between the 4th and 14th April and the Quays Bar and Restaurant will be presenting ‘A Taste of Cobh,’ serving culinary delights of all things maritime, alongside lip-smacking deserts and breads. Brass bands will be giving recitals in Kennedy Park, the Sirius Arts Centre has additional musical events in their programme and Kelly’s Bar has a great line-up of entertainment.

itanic Pier in Cobh


For younger visitors to Cobh, a special Art Competition is being run by the Titanic Experience; full details can be found on the Project Titanic Cobh web site.  Additionally, the season launch of the Cobh Town Train will take place on Saturday, 6th April and is sure to keep the small ones happy.

Irish traditions will be bought to life, with displays of the fine art of crystal cutting at the Tregan Craft Centre. Wake nights, traditional set dancing and music events will be taking place at the Commodore Hotel, the latter being reminiscent of the below decks scene from the blockbuster movie, Titanic.

Another significant event for the calendar is taking place on Thursday 4th April, when the Sirius Arts Centre celebrates the175th Anniversary of the SS Sirius steamship crossing, from Cork to New York in1838. A special exhibition on engineering excellence will be opened on the day. Cobh Museum will be having their season launch on the 8th April with two new exhibitions, ‘Leaving/Living’, which features stories of some extraordinary lives of Cobh people who left Ireland and ‘Yesterdays Child’, an exhibition of toys from the past.

The RNLI also plan to put on a display on Saturday 13th April, with both the Ballycotton and Crosshaven lifeboats taking part. It is hoped that the Air Sea Rescue helicopter will also be able to attend.

All information on events can be found on the Project Titanic Cobh site

Follow Project Titanic on  Facebook and Twitter.

Please contact Margot Mulcahy if you require additional information email  or Tel.086 8045468

Project Titanic Cobh – Building the Titanic Connection for Cobh into the Future

Project Titanic, Cobh

Following the world-wide commemoration in 2012 of the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and the considerable exposure that Cobh achieved in the international media because of this event, a number of local businesses in Cobh have taken on a new initiative to develop and enhance the Cobh/Titanic connection on an on-going basis. This will be called ‘Project Titanic, Cobh.’

Cobh is synonymous with not only the Titanic, but also the Lusitania. In fact, it is central to the whole story of Irish emigration, as well as the maritime heritage and military history of Ireland. Plans are in hand to create a launch pad for this each season, by developing a two week ‘Calendar of Events.’ The programme will include existing initiatives, and encourage new ones, in the period preceding Titanic’s Anniversary on the 15th April.

The White Star Line pier in Cobh,  The Titanic Pier in Cobh
The White Star Line embarkation pier in Cobh – a bleak reminder of all those who emigrated from Cobh/Queenstown’


“In order to develop the tourism product in Cobh, and to build for the future, groups who already organise Titanic commemoration occasions in this period will be encouraged to embellish and build on their existing events,” noted local historian and author of The Titanic Trail, Dr Michael Martin. “In addition, other individuals, businesses, community groups, schools and sporting clubs, who may have new ideas for suitable events in this time-frame, will be supported and promoted under this new umbrella project.”

Importantly, this is not seen as a type of festival that encourages a street carnival atmosphere. Instead its aim is to highlight the fact that Cobh is an exceptional tourism destination with a deep history, and a remarkable collection of visitor attractions that all bring the past to life.


The Annual Titanic Commemoration will all be incorporated into the calendar, along with other memorial occasions that take place in Cobh at venues such as the Titanic Experience, the Cobh Museum, the Cathedral and the Cobh Heritage Centre. The types of events that will be developed for the programme will include exhibitions, lecture series, movie nights, wake nights and gathering events connected to emigration.  “We have a new development lined up at the Titanic Experience that we plan to launch during this period,” noted Gillen Joyce, Managing Director of Cobh’s latest visitor attraction. “Additionally, we would hope to see the inclusion of a charity event in the programme that would raise funds for an organisation connected with the sea, such as the RNLI.”

This programme will also highlight and encompass the emigration story of Cobh, to include the hundreds of thousands of other passengers who embarked from these shores. The scheme of ‘Honorary Citizenship of Cobh’ will be further utilised and developed into a conferring event. This is aimed at the family descendants of individuals who emigrated through the town, and also for their relations still living in Ireland. Patrick O’Shea, Managing Director of the Commodore Hotel, noted, “for the available time frame between now and April, we have asked Margot Mulcahy (Tel.086 8045468) to act as the facilitator for ‘Project Titanic, Cobh.’ Margot will be contacting businesses and organisations over the next week in this regard – so please help encourage everyone in Cobh to get involved.”

For further information on Project Titanic Cobh, or to include your event in the programme, please contact Margot Mulcahy on 021 4812382/086 8045468 or email:  


Have you considered Pinterest for promoting your business yet?

Pinterest Board on Irish Fairy Trails

Should I be using Pinterest for my business?

Pinterest is now ranking in the top three social media sites worldwide according to Forbes, so should you be using it to promote your business? If you are not familiar with Pinterest,  check it out here.

Pinterest recently branched and created a business page tool for their online community. Existing Pinterest account can now be easily converted to business accounts (Here)

It is all about sharing images, so if your business product has good photographic potential, such as a bridal shop, collectibles  or a bakery, then Pinterest is a great tool to use. You can actually share anything you want, video, presentation, audio – the list is endless! Marketing and PR consultants on the other hand, such as MDMpr , would only pin ‘Pins’ for their clients as they don’t have a product image for a consultancy other than a mug shot!

 Why change from personal Pinterest account to a business account ?

This reason is that if you are a business selling online, you need to be identified as such. Pinterest is growing at a huge rate, and although not so that big in Ireland yet, it is on its way.  According to Hubspot, “47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.” Better not miss the boat, so get on-board now!

Pinterest allows you to save all those great images you come across online in an easily organised format. You will find inspiration and great ideas on the site. You can upload your own images or ‘Pin’ the images you like on your own personally selected ‘Boards.’

A good explanation on how to use Pinterest can be found  here  

Happy Pinning!

Here is a snipping tool example of one of my Boards:

The  Fairy Trail Board:
Pinterest  Board on Irish Fairy Trails