Not all PR companies rip you off

As a PR consultant, I was very annoyed to receive the notice on an upcoming PR course for business owners. I have no objection at all to the course itself and I am happy to see that business owners are being given the opportunity to ‘Uncover the Secrets of PR’  (Perhaps they will run another course soon on how to ‘Uncover the Secrets of Making a Million.’ ).  Those attending the course will also learn how they can generate PR for themselves and make enough money so that they can go one to hire one of the expensive PR firms – nice one!

What is irksome is the innuendo that all PR is excessively expensive and outside the budget of SME’s.  As a service provider, you would be surprised how much PR expertise and free publicity some SME’s do get for €100 – the subsidized price of the course.

The benefit of  experienced PR generates real value for businesses.  Not all PR companies are expensive, there are many of us out there working hard,  providing value and good customer care.

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