Surviving Christmas with Alcohol & Substance Misuse in the Family

Tabor Lodge announce details of their programme to help families cope over Christmas

Nobody wants to be the cause of spoiling Christmas, but it can be a time of upset and unhappiness for families who are affected by the alcohol and substance misuse of a family member.

La Verna Hall in Grattan Street Tabor Lodge will host a series of Drop-in and Information Evenings to give families an opportunity to think out how they would like Christmas to be and help avert trouble. Some simple guidance will be presented that can go a long way in improving the experience of the festive season for all concerned. All are welcome to the sessions which are scheduled for successive Fridays on December 6th, 13th and 20th from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

Kathleen Greaney, Tabor Lodge’s Family Counsellor, will lead these sessions, “These meetings will help families explore their options. In the days leading up to Christmas, it may be possible for a family to agree a plan about consumption of alcohol, not attending events if under the influence, making sure alcohol free drinks are available and so on.. An open respectful approach that calls a spade a spade can meet with goodwill and cooperation. A family may feel helpless to intervene, but if handled firmly and sensitively, a successful result can be achieved.”

Mick Devine is the Clinical Director of Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services. He noted that families face into Christmas with some trepidation if a family member is prone to alcohol or substance misuse. They know from bitter experience that Christmas is far from a time of peace and goodwill to all. It is rather a time of upset and unhappiness as alcohol misuse spirals out of control. Mick pointed out, “Families are caught in a bind. They want to include all family members in the celebrations but they dread the prospect of a drunken scene that leads to upset for all, especially children. This can lead to tension and division between family members. But there need not be tears and frustration. The occasion need not be marred. I urge families to come to our sessions and transform this Christmas for the better.”

Surviving Christmas with alcohol abuse in the family
Mick Devine and Kathleen Greaney announcing details of the Tabor Lodge programme

Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services Limited has provided treatment for those affected by alcohol and drug misuse as well as gambling and eating disorder in Cork since 1989. Services are also provided for families. Contact 021 4887110 or Contact Mick Devine on 086 23 11 469 with further queries.

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